Caress Hybrid with Gel Memory Foam

Better Air Circulation- The cooling properties of the gel beads/liquid that fill these mattresses are supported by their ability to create airflow. The more air that permeates the sleeping surface that you lie upon, the more comfortable you will be.

  • 15 Year Warranty

Deluxe Firm Innerspring

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a great night’s sleep at the perfect price point with the new Mattress Factory Basic 8.25” firm innerspring mattress.This basic mattress gives you a durable and consistent sleep surface. More than 312 Bonnell coils work together to evenly distribute weight and support your entire body throughout the night. Topped with a quilted foam layer, it gives you the comfort your body demands.
  • 10 Year Warranty

Inspiration Firm

Our Inspiration firm mattress contours perfectly to every curve by utilizing unique layers of foam.

This combination of high-density quilt foam and soft quilt foam provide superior pressure relief. In addition it also dissipates tossing and turning.

The encased Verti coil support system performs to provide motion isolation and the sides are encased by six-and-a-half foam rails. That support the top layers of your mattress. As a result the mattress won’t sag or settle, no matter how you sleep.

  • 10 Year Warranty

Supreme Luxuriously Plush Euro Top

This luxurious 11” plush Euro Top mattress features Verti Innerspring to help ensure excellent support along your entire body. At the same time, a layer of Top-Quality Support Foam creates that just the right combination of cushioning comfort and enhanced support. The Mattress super soft Foam gently cradles the body for enhanced pressure relieving comfort.
  • 15 Year Warranty

Sealy Premium

If you’re a side sleeper in need of great pressure relief or simply someone who prefers a soft yet supportive feel, the Queen or King size Sealy Premium mattress is a great way to go in the previous generation it was one of the most popular mattresses not only from Sealy but in the USA in general, and the newly improved version boasts several updates across the board. With a score of 7 on our Comfort Scale, this mattress offers a soft initial feel coupled with firm underlying support. This mattress comes in Pillow-Top as well.

Stearns & Foster Estate

If you’re looking for something on the very high quality side, and want to start enjoying the many benefits of a quality mattress like the Stearns and Foster collection, then the estate is a good way to go. We typically sell these at a very discounted rate compared to other mattress retailers. Call for pricing, This mattress comes in Pillow-Top as well.

Custom Mattress

Looking for an easy way to find the perfect mattress? When you work with our mattress experts, you have the benefit of shopping with the most knowledgeable team in the industry. Our mattress experts are continually training with manufacturers to learn the ins and outs of the latest mattresses and sleep technologies so that they can recommend the ideal mattress for your budget and lifestyle. Just tell our experts what you’re looking for in a mattress, and they’ll help you find the model that is best suited for the way you sleep. Whether you’re purchasing your first mattress, or you’re replacing one you’ve slept on for years, our friendly experts make it easy for you to make a confident purchase.

We’re proud to be family owned. We started off as a simple mom-and-pop business, looking to get our community members the best available prices.